Russell Peters introduces season one of Showtime’s Comics Without Borders as a chance to give TV time to comics who deserve it. This means the 9 episodes on this  2 DVD stand-up comedy set are not only about ethnic comics.

Each show has Russell Peters do a short stand-up bit and then two comics perform a nine to ten-minute set. If you like being introduced to eighteen stand-up comics you did not know Comics Without Borders is a very good deal. This is a cable show so expect somewhat adult topics and mildly adult language.

I very much like the Comics Without Borders concept. I like variety packs when it comes to stand-up comedy DVD. Here, the comics get a bit more than ten minutes stage time so they have to be better than a one-shot five-minute wonder. Even better is you do not get the feeling some of the stand-up comics made the show because they knew somebody, their manager owns part of the show, or came as a package with another comedian.

The eighteen comics here are quite good and some are excellent. There are only two comics who don’t really come across as that funny. DVD 1 of Comics Without Borders hosted by Russell Peters features Justin Worsham, Dean Edwards, Mike E. Wingfield, Shane Mauss, K-von, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tapan Trivedi, Angelo Tsarouchas, B-Phlat, and Darren Carter.

Favorites here in no particular order are K-von (although his segues need work) one of the cleaner stand-ups here and has great bits on hair removal and Persian princesses; B-Phlat a comedienne with a dynamite pace; and Mike E. Winfield.

Comics Without Borders Hosted by Russell Peters Season One DVD 2 has Erik Griffin, Ahmed Ahmed, Edwin San Juan, Bret Ernst, Felipe Esperza, Sam Tripoli of Spike TV fame, Yoshi Obayashi, and Canadian stand-up Kristeen Von Hagen.

I was looking forward to Ahmed but he has an off night here. Brent Ernst and Felipe Esperza are quite good. Kristeen Von Hagen’s set is also good.

If you like a variety pack of stand-up comics this stand-up comedy DVD set is a good choice.

Comics Without Borders  Season One
Hosted by Russell Peters
Ahmed Ahmed, Darren Carter, 16 other comedians
9 Episodes 2 DVD
Salient Media 2009

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