There is nothing like a BBC situation comedy. The tradition on that side of the pond tends towards a few episodes over a couple of seasons or so. This generally means far superior shows to the watered down, overextended stuff the U.S. networks serve in terms of sitcoms. Below are capsules of the various BBC situation comedy DVD sets we have reviewed with links to Amazon and a link to the full review. There is no particular order except the first two or three. Do make sure when ordering these are region 1 DVD if you are in North America

  The Worst Week of My Life. Not the lame U.S. version but the brilliant, funny as hell original BBC version of this comedy. Read the full review


  Nighty Night. Best British comedy ever. Caustic, nasty, funny as &^^%. Woman moves on with her life beforeher dying husband does his part. Read the full review


  Black Books. Dylan Moran stars as book shop owner not particularly interested in selling books. His friends are even weirder. Read the full review of this brilliant 4-season BBC sitcom when, as Black would say, I’ll get around to it.


  Spaced – The Complete Series. In this BBC situation comedy two strangers pretend they are married so they can rent a flat. Will they or won’t they? Read the full review

Peep Show, The Original UK Series. Another strangers sharing a flat. This time an Odd Couple kind of thing. 6 shows on 1 DVD. Read the full review

  The Kumars at No. 42 BBC sitcom based on a chat show format. Indian-British family hosts a talk show from its home. 6 shows from seasons 1 and 2 Read the full review

Waiting For God – Season Three. More traditional British TV comedy though traditional also means smart. This PBS favorite stars Stephanie Cole as a curmudgeonette in a retirement home. Getting the entire series might be less expensive.  Read the full review

The Catherine Tate Show Season One. 6 episodes of a one-woman sketch comedy show. Not your polite or surreal British stuffbut pretty decent. Read the full review

Little Britain – The Complete Third Series. Sketch comedy. Good stuff though one season is enough and the earlier the better. Read the full review

Little Britain – The Complete Second Series. BBC show not for the kiddies or those looking for good taste in their comedy. Read the full review

Knowing Me Knowing You. Another BBC chat show based comedy. Steve Coogan plays annoying host Alan Partridge. 6 shows on 2 DVD including a Christmas special. I originally liked it but it did not survive long on the keepers shelf. Read the full review

  At Last the 1948 Show: Pre- Monty Python BBC comedy show with 2 Pythons, Marty Feldman, and Tim Brooke Taylor. Still funny if you are a hardcore Python. Read the review

The Mighty Boosh – Season One. As seen on Adult Swim in America. Very odd. Read the review.

The MIghty Boosh Season 2, best of the 3, review

The Mighty Boosh Season 3 review

Do Not Adjust Your Set: Another BBC Monty Python precursor with Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin. Again, best enjoyed if you like Python. Read the review.

Gavin & Stacey Season One. Your usual excellent British sitcom. Read the review

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