Willie Barcena Live: Deal With It!, is the comic’s first stand-up comedy DVD.

This is a fairly solid performance where the comic first addresses every day sometimes adult issues with some adult language. His basic attitude is pretty much made clear in the title of this comedy DVD: Deal with it! The second half of this Comedy Central performance is not as smart as the first. It then really becomes a matter of taste.

I suspect you have to see things like Willie Barcena to really enjoy the first half of his stand-up comedy DVD. Barcena does not believe every kid should get to play and other social trends that lower everybody to the lowest common denominator. This is not a politically correct take on life especially these days but deal with it.

The comic also goes after the blame everybody else and accept no responsibility culture. This bit certainly gets edgy and will probably offend bleeding heart liberals. Then again, Barcena does not have much patience for right wing nuts either.

My favorite line on Willie Barcena Live: Deal With It is “Therapists are like strippers: they care about you as long as you got money.”  This is in a solid rant about complain TV, how everybody has a disorder and the big pharma drug culture that supports that view.

Not everything in this Comedy Central performance is above average stand-up. The second half starting with bit about getting action while you are drunk is your basic fare, as is the relationship bit after that although the story telling bit is excellent. The set then goes down to boner comedy, the  lowest common denominator stuff Barcena decries. It gets smarter, but not by much.

Somewhat annoying on this Willie Barcena stand-up comedy DVD is the sound level is a bit uneven as the comic moves his mic up and down as much as he paces the stage. This is a quibble but a quibble nonetheless. That, and the lady with the very annoying laugh you can’t help but hear.

Willie Barcena Live: Deal With It!
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Salient Media 2009
72 minutes

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