Dane Cook The Lost Pilots DVD
Dane Cook, Justine Bateman, Pat Finn
Joel David Moore, Liz Vassey
2 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
47 minutes

Dane Cook The Lost Pilots DVD will probably please the many Dane Cook fans.

As for other people, they will have to decide if these two shows really are failed pilots for a sitcom, or if the joke is the Lost Pilots are purposefully doomed to fail pilot episodes for a situation comedy starring Dane Cook. These two shows are so awful it could only have been on purpose, I hope.

Cooked 1, the first of the Lost Pilots on this 2 show DVD, stars Dane Cook as a sometime stand-up comic by night and insurance company worker bee by day who moves in with his brother (Pat Finn) and sister-in-law (the underused Justine Bateman) after he learns a golden retriever and not he got the role of goofy best friend on a new TV show. Cooked 1 features a pretty decent supporting cast, a must in any situation comedy but writing that would not survive a college amateur show “You’ve got to look before you leap” and, about a married guy’s gonads “My wife keeps them in a box on her dresser.” Dane Cook comes across as an overemoting, irresponsible, eternal adolescent: a perfect example of typecasting. It does not help it sounds like the writer for Cooked 1 also did the sound recording.

Cooked 2, the other show on The Lost Pilots, is the lost pilot that might tip the balance towards the theory these two shows are bad on purpose. Cooked 2 is even less of a pilot that a long joke. Unlike Cooked 1 where there was an attempt at showing the elements of a series, Cooked 2 feels like episode three or four of a sitcom where viewers already know a bit about the characters.

Again, Cook plays an eternal adolescent. This time he is trying to get a knife-wielding Samurai monkey for security reasons. Along for the ride in this story are a male friend and a female friend working on her dissertation. The hint this may be a spoof of failed pilots is the dialogue bit where Cook describes a childhood incident where his dog ended up humping his head: there is no way this would make it on TV, cable or not.

Dane Cook The Lost Pilots DVD is definitely for his fans and no one else


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