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Scrubs The Complete and Final Ninth Season
John C. McGinley, Zach Braff, Kerry Bishe
13 episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired 2009-10
ABC Studios 2010

It is difficult to join a comedy drama show mid-stream and really get it so imagine how hard it is to discover Scrubs in its night and final season. Scrubs began on NBC, was picked up by ABC for season 8 which included a final episode, and was extended for a ninth season. Scrubs The Complete and Final Ninth Season is a 2 disc 13 episode set. Long-time fans of the show will appreciate this sitcom DVD set more than casual or new fans.

The first eight seasons of Scrubs were seen through JD, Season nine switches focus to Lucy Bennett, a very insecure fresh off the turnip truck first year med student. Returning series regulars are doctors Cox, Turk, and Kelso. Doctor Dorian returns as a teacher at Winston Medical School.

Doctor Mahoney is now resident advisor and a central character. She begins a relationship with Drew who flamed out of medical school once already. Another new character, Cole, is simply annoying.

Scrubs season 9 feels like a hybrid that did not quite take. Many episodes feel like the old show is setting up a new spinoff show. There are, no doubt whatsoever, recurring jokes a new viewer simply does not get.

The characters who stayed on from the first eight seasons feel tired and the actors just going through their paces. This is especially true of Cox(McGinley). Fortunately for Braff Dorian gets faded out halfway through.

Special Features for this sitcom are on DVD 2. They include Scrubbing In which is an intro to the new version of the show, a very short gag reel, deleted scenes, and Live From the Golf Cart.

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