The Ron White Show DVD
Ron White, Dave Attell. Dr, Phil McGraw
Originally aired 2005
1 Episode
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
22 minutes

It is most appropriate that the only existing episode of The Ron White Show opens with Blue Collar Comedy alum Ron White having┬ánot one but two nightmares about having a show in Vegas because this is definitely a nightmare. This variety show of sorts was scheduled to be part of the Blue Collar TV evening on the WB along with another dreadful show called Bill Engvall’s Mobile Home Disasters. Both these disasters definitely proved the shine has definitely gone off Blue Collar comedy

Neither The Ron White Show nor Mobile Home Disasters survived the experience and in both cases viewers should send numerous letters to the powers that be at the WB thanking them for such a wise decision. The Ron White Show DVD, all 22 minutes of it, makes it obvious why this show was yanked off the air. There is very little that is funny here.

After the nightmare scene, the Ron White Show opens with a clip of White enjoying Las Vegas which includes driving a cool car to pick up some showgirls before showing off his bad table manners to them and then stealing some guy’s slots winnings to pay for dinner. White then does a standard “What happens in Vegas …” joke and a few other bits in a stand-up number that would be below par for any stand-up comic. After a cartoon bit, Dave Attell interrupts White and then goes on stage for a counseling bit involving Dr. Phil McGraw that is as long as it is not funny at all.

Ron White then crashes some poor couple’s Vegas wedding as best man, throwing a bachelor party for the groom with a Tom Jones imitator who can only say “What’s new pussycat?”

The only not that awful bit on this one episode disaster is the cartoon version of Ron White’s joke naked, eating Cheetos (with the Cheetos bowl appropriately placed) and buying sunglasses. The second cartoon, about buying sunglasses, is as bad as the rest of the show.

Not originally aired is the closing bit on this DVD where Ron White asks the other Blue Collar comics if they saw his show and Foxworthy says, “It sucked. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It was awful, awful.”

If you are a fan of Blue Collar Comedy, you will probably want to get a copy of The Ron White Show DVD. It is bound to become a collector’s item. If you are not a fan of the Jeff Foxworthy comedy crew, you want a copy of this disaster to make your point when someone claims these people are the funniest thing ever.


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