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Funny Or Die Presents
The Complete First Season
12 Episodes 2 DVD
HBO Warner Home Video 2011

Funny or Die is an HBO sketch comedy show. Like any sketch comedy show each episode is a series of hit and misses. Fortunately there are many more hits than misses and usually at least one show-your-friends funny bit per show. ¬¬This show is a spinoff of the website of the same name so the humor is definitely hip, adult, and a bit gross at times. Funny Or Die Presents The Complete First Season features 12 half-hour episodes on 2 DVD.

Aside from presenter Steve Tom and the secretaries in the background there are no real regulars on Funny or Die Presents. You will however see the odd celebrity like Will Ferrell or Fred Willard. Some of the comedy skits like Space Baby are recurring but none lasts more than four installments.

Where Funny Or Die works where other similar shows fail miserably is FOD does not always milk the gag premise to its last possible drop. This makes for a much tighter show and since the sketches are shorter a much more varied show. The better season one episodes are those that feature four or more skits.

Personal faves on Funny Or Die Presents The Complete First Season include The Slovin and Allen Show (episode 2), the superb Playground Politics,

On the other hand The Adventures of David and Julie is an atrocious and sophomoric sketch. All of episode 4 is a wash. The recurring Hold Up and Designated Driver become more painful to watch with each episode.

Funny Or Die Presents The Complete First Season is better than most sketch comedy DVD sets. True fans of the genre will appreciate it much more than others.


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