God, the Devil, and Bob
2 DVD 13 episodes
Originally aired NBC 2000
Fox Home Entertainment

There is no doubt God is omniscient. In the opening sequence to God, the Devil, and Bob, James Garner (God) says “You never know when it’s going to end.” This 2000 cartoon situation comedy aired for only 4 episodes. NBC blinked when conservative groups complained. The 2 DVD set features all 13 episodes of this very good and funny cartoon.

When God decides to give man one more chance before chucking it all the devil chooses Bob Alman as mankind’s flag bearer. Bob is a Detroit autoworker with a wife, a thirteen-year-old daughter, and a young son.

The series follows the George Burns Oh, God! formula in that only Bob can see God (voiced by James Garner). Unlike the John Denver character, Bob is not a goody two shoes and God has his own flaws.

The best character in God, the Devil, and Bob is of course the Devil and he is almost upstaged by Smeck, his sidekick and lackey.

The writing in this cartoon DVD series is excellent. Episodes are varied and allow the show to move forward somewhat. There are some really good digs at humans and how they do things, great lines such as when God says “Girls are complicated, that’s why I never had a daughter.” and thirteen-year-old girls are too depressing even for the devil himself.

The show also features some pretty insightful moments into humans too.

Special features on God, the Devil, and Bob DVD are commentary tracks for some episodes, a making of, and cartoon interviews with the characters

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