Bewitched Season 8
Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead
Originally aired 1971-72
4 DVD 26 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

I really do not remember seeing the season 8 Bewitched episodes in syndication. This situation comedy DVD box set features the last 26 episodes of this family friendly sitcom. Though a lot of the episodes in this sitcom’s final season have as a premise Samantha or Serena losing their power, the shows are still a lot of fun to watch and quite entertaining.  This sitcom DVD set has no special features.

Bewitched season 8 opens in England with a two part episode where Samantha is sent back the Henry the VIII’s court and sings a ditty or two before Darren can rescue her. This is followed by an episode involving the Loch Ness monster, episodes set in Rome, Paris, and Pisa before returning to the U.S. These shows bring a bit of fresh air to this situation comedy.

DVD 2 returns to America and opens with Tabitha becoming a television star when she puts herself in a kid’s TV program. This is when this situation comedy starts to show the wear and tear of 8 seasons. After a while there are only so many ways Endora can torture Darren and only so many historical figures and weird relatives can show up.

Bewitched Season 8 disc 3 has Tabitha magically learning how to figure skate, Serena losing her powers, and Tabitha’s first day at school. The last disc in this sitcom DVD set has George Washington showing up for a couple of episodes, and both Samantha (again) and Serena temporarily losing their powers.

The various magic tricks are still fun to see even some thirty seven years later. This situation comedy itself is still fun to watch and family friendly.

If you look close, you will find Bewitched enjoyed including a few very subtle jokes such as Endora reading Harpies Bizarre.

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