Workaholics Season One
Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson
2 DVD 10 Episodes
Originally Aired Comedy Central 2011
Comedy Central Records 2011

Workaholics is the story of Anders, Blake, and Adam, college graduate (believe it or nor) slackers who work for some kind of call center. Their lives center on getting high, being cool, and working as little as possible. The core audience for this Comedy Central situation comedy is teenage boys and twenty-somethings. This sitcom DVD set features all 10 season 1 episodes on 2 DVD. Extra features are

A good indication as to the level of the humor in this sitcom is the first episode where the guys look for clean piss to pass the drug test at work. What saves Workaholics from being just another lowbrow and crude sitcom is the writing and the acting. The characters themselves, straight-laced Anders, stoner Blake, and bad at making jokes Adam, are not especially original but Devine, Holm, and Anderson raise them above the cliché each character could easily be.

Most Workaholics episode are decent enough, sometimes better. An exception is episode 6 where the guys convince their colleagues to go on strike to get Half Christmas off. Better ones include Straight Up Juggahos (DVD 1) where the guys end up an an Insane Clown Posse show dressed up for a business convention.

Season One finishes off strong when CEO of the company they work for offers the guys 10 grand to kill him before a shareholders meeting.

Special features for Workaholics Season One are Cast Interviews; Deleted Scenes; Digital Originals; Live at Bonnaroo; Audio commentary on all 10 shows; an ode to Catherine Zeta Jones, and other weird stuff.

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