It’s Bad For Ya
George Carlin
MPI Home Video 2008

George Carlin It’s Bad For Ya turned out to be the comic’s last HBO stand-up comedy special before his death (and no he was not blown up as he once wished). This show is a must for anybody who likes good stand-up.

Carlin has various periods before becoming an angry old fart parody of himself. He regained all his wit, verbal skills, and observational accuracy for his last two shows, including It’s Bad For Ya.

After a lame opening reminiscent of the angry old fart period Carlin launches in an excellent diatribe on death and the images and words we used to mask the reality. The irony that this is one of this stand-up comic’s best routines in a long tine cannot be lost.

It’s Bad For Ya then settles into some shorter and looser observational comedy before Carlin settles in for a few longer routines including one on the comedian’s favorite target: religion. This bit’s  take on dead people now “looking over you” and the next on society’s child worship and its insidious consequences are some of Carlin’s best material in a long time.

Carlin’s stand-up on the self-esteem movement and Every Child is Special should be compulsory watching for any parent in family therapy.

If you know people who ramble on when they tell stories, you will certainly enjoy the next bit. People without children should take heed of Carlin’s advice in the next bit on kids.

American bullshit is another excellent routine on George Carlin’s It’s Bad For Ya HBO stand-up comedy special. It segues nicely into children’s reading habits and other small bits.

Religion was George Carlin‘s  favorite topic and target. The routine on various religious rules is superb. Even better is the closing bit on Rights.




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