Jeremy Hotz What a Miserable Show is an excellent stand-up comedy DVD.

Hotz is a comic I am not partial to even if it is easy to see how good he is. Filmed at the Imperial Theatre during the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival, this show is really worth watching once you get past its beyond lame opening skit featuring the comic and some producer guy.

Jeremy Hotz has a rather unique stage persona that takes a bit of getting used to. Hotz opens with a bit on driving, constructions zones, and taxi drivers. He puts in a bit of local color but loses it when he uses the wrong nationality for the cab drivers. This is a pretty good routine even if the topics are standard stand-up comedy fare.

His French – English routine is one of the best I have heard and segues nicely into how Americans are nuts and Canadians better. His take on Canada’s southern neighbor and the great white north is very, very funny. He follows this with some excellent audience interaction. I like this in a comic as it shows he wants to do more than just a standard set.

The next bit is about crabs, not the disease but the animal, and how we are better than the animals. Long-time fans of Jeremy Hotz will be please to see the earthworm routine again.

Jeremy Hotz obviously wanted this comedy special to be special so he goes for more audience interaction as a segue back to some animal bits including one on the feeding habits of goldfish, dogs, cats, and birds.

Men versus women is standard comedy fodder. Jeremy Hotz’ take is very funny and original. He closes with a very funny routine on getting older.

What A Miserable DVD This Is
Jeremy Hotz

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