Mad About You
The Complete Third Season
Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt
John Pankow, Anne Ramsay, Lisa Kudrow
24 Episodes 3 DVDs
Originally Broadcast 1994-95 NBC
Sony Pictures Television 2007

Mad About You was the great couple situation comedy of the early nineties. Originally aired on NBC, The Complete Third Season of Mad About You finds the Buckmans, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt in fine form and both unemployed at the start. They are both young urban professionals with wacky relatives trying to do the best they can with what life throws at them. What was refreshing about this sitcom was that both husband and wife were witty, intelligent people and the comedy did not come from their stupidity but their many neuroses and human foibles. The advantage of any sitcom DVD box set is you get the complete version of each episode, something you do not get in the syndicated version. With Mad About You this includes the scene before the opening theme and the bit during the credits

Just Giblets For Murray the Thanksgiving episode on Mad About You The Complete Third Season makes this DVD box set worth the price. This is the episode where the Buckmans have the family over for Thanksgiving and go through five or six different turkeys after Murray eats the first one. This and the Rashomon style episode The Ride Home make up for lesser shows like Once More With Feeling and The City where the Buchmans go through all the negatives of the New York experience on DVD 2.

Aside from a couple of these lesser shows Mad About You The Complete Third Season is a solid season. Fans of the show get the episode where Paul is trying to make a 15-minute cinema verite piece, a two-episode flashback of the days leading to and their wedding day, and the rather sweet though not cloyingly so show where Paul (Paul Reiser) is working on a short about how to pick up women, this to Jamie’s great amusement.

Other great episodes in season 3 include Mad Without You where Jaime leaves Paul alone for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose as he discovers he is no good on his own.

Cameos in the 3 DVD The Complete SeasonĀ  box set include Lisa Kudrow as Ursula the inept waitress, Jay Leno, Rachel Hunter and Brent Spiner in the episode where Murray becomes a star until he decides he would rather spend his time with Paul and Jamie. Also making appearances are Lyle Lovett, Carl Reiner (reprising Alan Brady from the Dick Van Dyke Show), and Eric Stoltz. The Alan Brady episode is the one where Helen Hunt does a brilliant imitation of Mary Tyler Moore playing Laura Petrie.

The best episodes of Mad About You Season 3 are on the third DVD. Here Jaime and Lisa accidentally switch purses, the Buckmans impersonate Paul’s parents to get a dream vacation and then get carried away with the impersonations. Cindy Lauper plays Ira’s ex-wife and Patrick Ewing gets in a fight with the Buckman brothers. Also included are Paul’s disastrous birthday experiences, Jaime having to work with her ex, a cartoonist who used her as the evil character in his comic book.

Season 3 closes with Up In Smoke, the what would have happened episode where Paul and Jaime come believe they never met.

Mad About You is a fun situation comedy and according to The Complete Third Season 24 episoe 3 DVD box set, has survived well


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