Mike & Molly Season 4
Billy Gardell, Melissa McCarthy
22 Episodes 3 DVD
Warner Home Video 2014

Season Four of Mike & Molly opens with an interesting change. Molly quits her job to become a writer. This creates a few new story lines for this fun, romantic comedy sitcom, one of few that features a functional, loving couple. Another positive change is fat jokes are fewer and far between. Mike & Molly The Complete Foourth Season features 22 episodes on 3 DVD. Special features are limited to a three minute or so gag reel.

Viewers often find it hard to buy a major change in a sitcom. Here, the episode where Molly quits her job is very smartly done (and funny of course).  Her motivation for doing so and the second guessing that follows make this change work.

Molly becoming a writer allows the show to explore a few interesting and different paths. She goes for a ride-along with Mike and Carl, visits the funeral home her sister works at, and meets a famous writer played by Susan Sarandon.

It would be nice if the show featured more of Melissa McCarthy doing physical comedy. She is excellent at it.

A couple of the episodes fall flat. One is where Molly and the girls go to a casino. It just looks like something the writers came up with at the last minute so they could get the guys together in the main plot line. Another is What Molly Hath Wrougth (DVD 2) where Molly gets a job as a forklift operator. At first you are happy the writers did not go for the cheap laugh and then ….

This is the kind of sitcom that is simply fun to watch. You do get tired of all the fat jokes and references though.