Mike and Molly
Season 2
23 episodes 3 DVD
Warner Home Video 2012

Mike and Molly Season Two begins with a nice little recap of what happened in the previous season. It is useful even if you are familiar with this situation comedy. Mike (Billy Gardell) is a cop and a big guy. Molly (Melissa McCarthy, 2011 Emmy Award) is a grade school teacher and a big girl. Big guy meets big girl, they fall in love, and he proposes. Season Two focuses on the wedding preparations. Mike and Molly The Complete Second Season features 23 episodes on 3 DVD.

This sitcom airs at 9:30 and even at that it is a little more risque than your usual prime time TV fare. The show’s weakness is the many fat jokes and references. Yes, Mike and Molly are overweight, but we get it. The shows forte is the supporting cast. Reno Wilson as Mike’s partner and Swoosie Kurtz as Molly’s mother are both excellent. Even the tertiary characters like diner owner Samuel and Vince, Molly’s mother’s boyfriend are interesting and developed.

Aside from all the wedding stuff, another story point is the fact Mike moves in with Molly, her mother, and Molly’s party-girl sister.

Most shows are quite good and, unlike in some other sitcoms, the situations rarely feel forced. The Halloween and Christmas shows are both disappointing. The Valentine’s show is a lot of fun. This is where Carl says to a jumper, “It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re lucky you got your own ledge.”

TV weddings never get off without a few comic problems and this is the case here.

As with The Big Bang Theory, stay tuned for the Chuck Lorre Productions credit at the end: It is always weird and worth pausing.

Special features for Mike & Molly The Complete Second Season are thin: a 6-minute gag reel and Mike & Molly’s Wedding Video

Mike & Molly – The Complete First Season Blu-ray


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