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The Carol Burnett Show The Ultimate Collection DVD box set from Time-Life is an extremely family friendly package and a must for any fan of television comedy. This 22 DVD set features 50 episodes and an amazing amount of special features and extras. This set includes Carol’s Favorites (16 episodes and 3 hours of bonus material on 6 DVD), This Time Together (17 shows, 2 hours of extras, 6 DVD), One More Time (17 shows on 6 discs and 2 hours of bonus footage), and 2 2-disc Bonus features sets. Some of the Bonus Features like “Harvey Korman Remembers” and “Harvey Korman and Tom Conway Together Again”are repeated on a couple of the sets but I doubt anybody will mind.

It is amazing how well The Caroll Burnett Show has survived some forty years. Though some of the movie references are lost on a younger audience, the sketches are still fresh and funny. Perhaps the biggest difference between then and now is how long sketches last but then again, the only thing that comes close to a variety show on TV these days is Saturday Night Comatose.

The Caroll Burnett Show The Ultimate Collection features a who’s who of TV and the movies.

Some of the special features are clips from The Gary Moore Show including sketches with Burnett and Jerry Lewis, Burnett and Lucille Ball,

Of course the set includes the complete classic Dentist bit with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway and what one of the top 5 TV moments ever: Went With the Wind (“I saw it in the window and I just had to have it”)

The shows are either full screen or widescreen depending on what year they were taped in. The picture quality is almost always perfect. Where a viewer might be a bit let down is the animations and interstitial panels which have faded somewhat and could also have used a bit of retouching.

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