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Modern Family The Complete First Season Blu-ray
Ed O?Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell
3 Blu-ray 24 episodes
Originally aired ABC 2009-10
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Created by Steven Levitan (Just Shoot Me) and Christopher Lloyd (Frasier) Modern Family is a fresh situation comedy about family in all its guises. Modern Family The Complete First Season won the 2010 Outstanding Comedy series Emmy. The show has the ingredients to become an addiction but some of the shticks like Phil’s cool speak wear thin very quickly. This sitcom DVD set features 4 discs or 3 Blu-ray. Though the menu features a synopsis for each show I would have appreciated a booklet with episode information.

Modern Family is a mockumentary featuring three very different families: The Dunphys are the standard all-American family, Jay and Gloria Pritchett are a reconstituted family with an older dad and a younger mom, and Mitchell and Cameron are a gay couple who adopted a little girl.

The series opens with the adoption which in the end reveals the connection between the three families. Other episodes on the first Blu-ray disc deal with the first day at school, what being a father means, bonding, etc.

Modern Family Season One disc two opens with a really episode titled Fizbo: You know something went wrong at the party, keep wondering what it was, and the punch is just weirdly funny. The Christmas episode is also a good one.

The situation comedy’s weak points are all four dads are basically standard issue TV idiots and Mitchell and Cameron are stereotypical gay. Levitan and Lloyd could have tried a bit harder for these characters.

Episode 4, Come Fly With Me is really lame. The Valentine’s Day episode (Blu-ray 2) is quite fun. The Hawaii trip doesn’t really work and feels like what situation comedies on their last legs do for ratings.

Shelley Long plays Jay’s ex-wife in episode 5. Also look for Minnie Driver, David Brenner,

Special Features Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scenes; Deleted Family Interviews; Gag ReelĀ  Real Modern Family Moments; Before Modern Family; Fizbo the Clown; Making of “Family Portrait; Modern Family Hawaii


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