Rules of Engagement ? The Complete Second Season
Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price, Oliver Hudson
Bianca Kajlich, David Spade
2 DVD 15 Episodes
Originally aired 2007-08
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008

A situation comedy where David Spade does not always make you gag certainly has something going for it. The something in Rules of Engagement The Complete Second Season is absolutely great writing and great actors. Patrick Warburton and Megyn Price play the married couple; Oliver Hudson and Bianca Kajlich are the neighbors, an engaged couple saddled with single guy Russell (David Spade).

Season 2 of Rules of Engagement opens strong with Audrey (Price) trying to get Jeff to stop snoring while Russell and Adam get into a flirting contest with a waitress at the diner. It may sound ordinary but this sitcom’s writers bring new twists to the storylines and, bonus, take a few digs at Steven Seagal.

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Most notable about this situation comedy is Jeff (Warburton) is a guy’s guy male but not TV male stupid. The younger guy, Adam, is the new sensitive male but not so much as to make it a stereotype. Only David Spade’s character cannot seem to get past the usual TV comedy clichés.

Most of the 15 episodes of Rules of Engagement The Complete Second Season are really good, but episode 5 (DVD 1) has Jeff and Audrey trying to spice up their sex life. The episode is as flat as the jokes the guys make when Adam gets a “guy purse”. Episode 10, involving a time share deal, is also lame.

This situation comedy is becoming a bit formulaic: The first scene after the credits is almost always followed by a scene at the diner where the guys reveal what happened after that and exchange a few jibes. It is not a major problem though as the writing for show makes it palatable.

If you want to see something really eerie, compare Megyn Price in Rules of Engagement with Helen Hunt in Mad About You. I still cannot get over it.

Look for Heather Locklear as Audrey’s sister in episode 2.

Special features for the season two Rules of Engagement DVD set are a too short blooper reel and those annoying minisodes.


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