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Rules of Engagement Season 3
Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price, David Spade
Originally aired 2009
13 episodes 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010

Rules of Engagement is a personal favorite sitcom so I always look forward to the season DVD set. Rules of Engagement Season 3 features 13 episodes on 2 DVD. This is a very good relationship situation comedy couples will enjoy and connect with. Yes, the show does include the dreadful David Spade but most of the time you do not mind that. The show does feature adult innuendo.

Jeff and Audrey (Warburton, Price) are a happily married forty-something couple. They live next door to a younger, unmarried couple named Adam and Jennifer. At first Adam and Jennifer were a cute young  wuvvy duvvy couple but that act is wearing a bit thin by season 3. David Spade plays the annoying single friend with the Peter Pan complex )or is it the annoying David Spade plays the single friend with the…?).

Season 3 introduces a new character, Russell’s assistant Timmy (Adhir Kalyan). He is better than your usual new banana in the bunch. Jeff also gets a new buddy who gets to show up in a few episodes.

Granted, Rules of Engagement is a little formulaic. Everybody seems to get together at the local diner for some witty banter every second episode.

This said, season 3 of this situation comedy is solid. This may in part be because the writers only had to produce 13 shows. DVD 2 opens with a couple of particularly good shows including one where Russell initiates a young Amish to his sleazy lifestyle and another where the guys wager as to who can get lucky on demand.

Episode 13 about sex toys has great vibes.

Not quite as good as it could have been is when Russell gets Timmy to surrogate for him with his therapist.

There are unfortunately no special features for Rules of Engagement The Complete Third Season, not even a gag reel. Cheap!
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