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Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 2
Touche Turtle, Wally Gator, Quick Draw McGraw
Bugs Bunny, Space Kidettes
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

Cartoon fans may find there are a few too many Looney Tunes cartoons on Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960’s Volume 2. The Looney Tunes make up for a bit more than a third of DVD 1 of this 2 DVD cartoon collection. This said, it is always nice to be able to watch Wally Gator, Snooper and Blabber, and other icons of the 1960s Hanna Barbera world. Even cooler is these cartoons were not edited for supposed violence or, as is the case for Karate Ant in the Atom Ant cartoon, cut for not being politically correct.

Warner Brothers warns the audience that these are not pristine cartoons but that the best prints available were used. This means some cartoons are dusty and a bit scratchy and sometimes get a bit darker or lighter during the episode. Basically, you are getting exactly the quality you remember from your TV watching days.

Truth be told, I was more impressed with Saturday Morning Cartoons Volume 1 as it featured Squiddly Diddly, Winsome Witch, Precious Pupp, and my favorite, Secret Squirrel.

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 2 DVD 1 features a very good and imaginative Snooper and Blabber cartoon. Other Hanna Barbera and Looney Tunes characters include Augie Doggie, Quick Draw McGraw, an episode of Space Kidettes, Young Samson. an episode of The Bugs Bunny Show with 3 cartoons: Bugs Bunny, Sylvester Cat, and Tweety Bird.

Also on DVD 1 is an episode of The Bugs Bunny Show with 3 cartoons: Bugs Bunny, Sylvester Cat, and Tweety Bird. The Porky Pig Show has a great Sylvester and Porky Pig cartoon Scaredy Cat, a Bugs Bunny Cartoon, and Foghorn Leghorn. You would think Warner Brothers would use the restored cartoons from the Looney Tunes Box sets instead of the less pristine versions here.

It also features The Adventures of Young Gulliver, The Jetsons, and Wally Gator, Touche Turtle, and Lippy Lion and Hardy Har Har.

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1960s Volume 2 DVD 2 has another Quick Draw McGraw / Snooper and Blabber / Augie Doggie episode’ a Peter Potamus episode with Breezly and Sneezly and Yippee, Yapee, and Yahooey; 2 Road Runner cartoons and a Tweety and Sylvester.

DVD 2 also includes Atom Ant with The Hillbilly Bears and Precious Pupp; Two Tom and Jerry cartoons and a Droopy Dog; Magilla Gorilla with Punkin Puss and Mushmouse and Ricochet Rabbit.

The special feature here is Completely Bananas, The Magilla Gorilla Story. It is kind of useless and certainly not as interesting as the blurb on the DVD box would lead you to believe.

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