Shaun the Sheep Season One
Shaun Sheep, Bitzer Dog, Farmer
40 episodes 2 DVD
Created by Nick Park
Aardman Animation

Shaun the Sheep is the Nick Park – Aardman Animation spin-off from the Wallace and Gromit A Close Shave short. These seven-minute or so stop motion plasticine animations by the creators of Creature Comforts are addictive. This is a 40 episode 2 DVD set the whole family from the youngest to the oldest can enjoy together time and again.

Shaun is part of a flock overseen by Bitzer the dog. Bitzer works for Farmer. Each episode features some kind of misadventure around the farm. Sometimes a kite lands in the pasture and gets the Shaun and his friends all excited, sometimes they order pizza after seeing Farmer do so, or find a Polaroid camera and have fun with it.

Most of the episodes are big on sight and running gags. There are a few episodes whose ending has no punch line and so is a bit of a let down but it does not really matter.

Many if not most of the episodes on Shaun the Sheep The Complete First Season have already been released in individual collections. You are much better off price wise with this 2 DVD set.

The 40 episodes are: Off the Baa!, Bathtime,  Shape Up with Shaun,  Timmy in a Tizzy Scrumping Still Life, Mower Mouth, Take Away, The Bull , Saturday Night Shaun, The Kite, Little Sheep of Horrors, Buzz Off Bees, Fleeced, Shaun Shoots the Sheep, Big Top Timmy, Fetching, Mountains Out of Molehills, Who’s the Mummy?, Things That Go Bump, Abracadabra, Sheep on the Loose, Washday, The Visitor, Shaun the Farmer, Tooth Fairy, Bitzer Puts His Foot in It, Hiccups, If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Sheepwalking, Tidy Up, The Farmer’s Niece, Camping Chaos, Helping Hound, Troublesome Tractor, Stick with Me, Heavy Metal Shaun, Snore Worn Shaun, Shaun Encounters, Save the Tree

Wallace & Gromit The Complete Collection

Creature Comforts


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