Family Guy Volume Nine
Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Stewie Griffin
13 episodes 3 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Family Guy Volume Nine features episodes from season 8 episode 9 Business Guy  to season 9 Episode 3 Welcome Back, Carter. The highlights  this Family Guy DVD set  are the hour-long mystery And Then There were Fewer and Excellence in Broadcasting with Rush Limbaugh and a fun Scooby Doo rip off (disc 3).

Generally though the episodes themselves are uneven but contain a couple of outrageous moments –such as Terry Schiavo The Musical—or reference and one really funny joke like the Who’s on First? reference that makes the episode worth it.

The better episodes on Volume Nine are The Splendid Source where Peter and the guy track the source of a naughty joke, Brian Griffin’s House of Payne which is a vicious look at how network sitcoms are created,

This Family Guy DVD set does feature a couple of particularly lame episodes like Brian and Stewie (DVD 2) and Dial Meg For Murder.

Special features for Family Guy Volume Nine are Deleted Scenes; The Making of “And Then There Were Fewer”; The History of the World — According to Family Guy; at Comic-Con 2010; Commentary on Select Episodes, and an episode of Cleveland.


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