The Life and Times of Tim
The Complete Second Season
10 Episodes 2 DVD
HBO 2011

Created by Steve Dildarian who also voices the main character The Life and Times Of Tim is an odd HBO animated half hour show. Each show features two episodes about the life of twenty-something cubicle rat Tim. The animation is rather and purposefully pedestrian. The Complete Second Season of this animated sitcom features 10 shows or 20 stories on 2 DVD.

The Life and Times of Tim is a matter of taste. Personally neither the animation, the flat delivery and the mundane story lines do not do much for me. Tim is unidimensional as animation but also as a character. Season Two begins with him and Amy broken up but they eventually get together.

Many episodes take place at Tim’s workplace, Omnicorp. One decent enough one has a homeless man replacing Tim. It says more about the character than creator Steve Dildarian realizes.

Although The Life and Times of Tim came very close to being cancelled after season 2, season 3 will begin December 2011 on HBO

The Life and Times of Tim Season 1:


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