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South Park Season 14
Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick
14 Episodes 3 DVD
Originally aired 2010

South Park Season 14 starts off really strong with an episode where the CDC finds out why rich men have sex with so many bad women and where Tiger Woods Golf becomes a much more interesting video game. This Comedy Central sitcom stays nastily funny for 10 of the 14 episodes in this 3 DVD set.

Everybody is bound to have a favorite episode here. One notable show is The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs: Kyle and his friends are assigned Catcher In The Rye "the tale of a whiny, annoying teenager who writes about how lame he is" and decide to write their own banned book. This episode was first released on A Little Box of Butters (a South Park DVD set) There is also an Asscar show that is quite funny.

Season 14 of South Park marks the 200th episode of this cartoon situation comedy. In it Tom Cruise sues South Park after the kids call him a fudge packer and all the other celebrities the show made fun of join in. This is a two-parter continued on DVD 2 and may or may not include an homage to Senor Wences, Bawbra Streisand, and the revelation as to who is Kyle's father. Although episode 200 did not bleep the Muhammad (in Muhammad Ali, of course) episode 201 presents the aired version where it is ******. Go figure. Even the commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone gets *********.

Other fun shows include a slam on Jersey Shore (It s a Jersey Thing DVD 2) and an episode where Stan is outed as a hoarders and there is a nod to Inception.

Really boring on South Park Season 14 is Coon 2: Hindsight (DVD 3). The other 2 episodes in this three part series poking fun at BP Oil are better.

Overall, this is an excellent set though the three connected episodes on DVD 3 Coon 2, Mysterion Rises, and Coon vs. Coon & Friends are pretty awful. The last episode Crème Fraiche where Stan s dad gets addicted to the food channel is also lame.

Special features are slim indeed on this Comedy Central DVD set with very brief commentary bits by Parker and Stone and a bonus episode The Coon from season 13.

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