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The Mighty Boosh Season 3
Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Michael Fielding, Dave Brown
BBC situation comedy
Originally aired 2007
6 episodes 2 DVD
BBC / Warner Home Video 2009

Mighty Boosh, a BBC situation comedy that airs on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, is an acquired taste. Season 3 of this sitcom DVD set is however not a taste many can acquire. After one year working in a small-budget private zoo and another trying to get a band together, Vince Noir and Howard Moon now work in a Shaman shop. There is very little magic in the shop nor is there in Mighty Boosh Season 3.

Perhaps this feeling has to do with having watched all three seasons of this British situation comedy over a limited time span. There is only so much Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding can do with the one dimensional Howard Moon and Vince Noir characters. There is also only so much Barratt and Fielding can do with their limited acting skills.

Another problem with The Mighty Boosh Season 3 is the show never really leaves Naboo’s magic shop and unlike in past season has very few interstitials to add variety to whichever episode you are watching.

Newish characters like Nabboo’s fellow gurus or whatever are just low budget lame and burdened with being played by the two leads of this British sitcom.

Special features on this season 3 Mighty Boosh DVD set include a Making Of, Boosh Publicity, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, and Audio Commentaries.

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