The Mighty Boosh Season One
Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding
British Situation Comedy
8 Episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired BBC 2004
Warner Home Video 2009

How weird is The Mighty Boosh? Well, it airs in the Adult Swim portion of the Cartoon Network; that should tell you something. If you are expecting your usual intelligent, witty British situation comedy, The Mighty Boosh, Season One or any other, is not going to be your cuppa. If you enjoy very odd, low budget, slightly surreal sitcoms, this one could fit the bill.

The Mighty Boosh Season 1 features 8 episodes (the pilot and seven others) on 2 DVD. Howard and Vince (Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding) work in a privately owned and very dismal zoo with only a few animals. This premise is the only constant thing in this British situation comedy.  Episodes include death mistaking Howard for a gorilla, a visit to limbo, going to the arctic to find the zoo’s owner and save the zoo, a funeral, and other weird, weird stuff.

This really is an acquired taste kind of show. It features the kind of low budget set those of us who remember local children’s programming will recognize. The acting is decent enough but neither Barratt nor Fielding really shine even if they play many secondary characters.

Most frustrating is the storylines of The Mighty Boosh Season One are inconsequential. One episode features the zoo’s manager experimenting on animals, thus explaining the lack of animals to see in the zoo, but not much comes of it and the punchline, if there is one, is minimal.

If you are to introduce someone to this British sitcom, Season Two is a better bet: it is more imaginative and has a slightly higher budget.



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