Soul Men
Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac, Sean Hayes
Directed by Malcolm D. Lee
Weinstein Company 2009
100 minutes

Soul Men is a really good comedy DVD even if it is a bit unfocused and short sells itself with useless sexual content. This is an original, entertaining, well-acted movie with a cool soundtrack to boot. Soul Men could have been the first of a string of buddy comedies starring Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac: they were as funny as Crosby and Hope and a lot more hip. Unnecessary nudity and crudity (the frequent references to enjoying maternal coitus) give this movie an R for no valid reason

In Soul Men, Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson play Henderson and Hinds, two former Motown backup singers and R&B duo The Real Deal. Henderson is not a retired car wash magnate and Hinds an ex-con. The two get an offer to perform at the Apollo in memory of recently deceased lead singer Marcus Hooks. Floyd (Bernie Mac) books the duo in a few roadside joints and the Real Deal hits the road in preparation for their gig at the Apollo.

Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson are good singers and the Real Deal had some pretty decent tunes. This makes Soul Men that much more enjoyable.

The sexual scenes in this comedy, though the motel balcony scene is not bad, really bring this movie down a notch or two. It is as if nobody trusted the story and characters were strong enough to carry this movie or make it funny. This is a shame, really, as this movie could have been much, much more.

Soul Men could have been a bit tighter but it is a good comedy.

Special features on the Soul Men DVD include: a commentary track with Malcoml D. Lee; The Soul Men Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson; The Cast of Soul Men; A Tribute to Bernie Mac; A Tribute to Isaac Hayes; Behind the scenes; Bernie Mac at the Apollo.


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