Two and a Half Men
Season 9
24 Episodes 3 DVD
Warner Home Video 2012

Charlie (Sheen) has gone the way of McLean Stevenson, John Amos, and Valerie Harper and other situation comedy leads before him. This makes for a very different Season 9 Two and a Half Men. In one of the special features show creator Chuck Lorre claims this is a whole new show.  He’s absolutely right.  The credit does not go as much to Ashton Kutcher who plays Walden, Charlie’s replacement, more than to the writers who were able to take the best elements of the sitcom and tweak them just so.  The biggest difference is there is more continuity between episodes. Two and a Half Men The Complete Ninth Season features 24 episodes on 3 DVD.

Charlie dies. Alan inherits the house but has to sell it. In comes internet billionaire Walden (Kutcher) who is rescued and befriended by Alan. Walden buys the house and Alan finds a way to move in for “a couple of days, a couple of weeks, tops, a month at most”. Berta (the very funny Conchata Ferrel) stays on.

The reboot also works because Walden is a very different character. He too is a Peter Pan type –although Charlie was more Peter Pam.  At the beginning of Two and a Half Men Season 9 he is recently separated from his high school sweetheart and totally clueless as to women. This allows season 9 stories to take on a different tone when it comes to the men and women in the show.

Two and a Half Men Season 9 features quite a few interesting twists: Walden goes to see a shrink (Jane Lynch, Glee), Alan becomes Charlie for a while (with guest Gary Busey), gets on a Board of Directors, and has a heart attack or two or three, and Charlie (Kathy Bates) shows up with a message from beyond. I really could have done without the running vomit gag in Not In My Mouth (DVD 3)

Special features for Two and a Half Men The Complete Ninth Season include a 10-minute short on redesigning Charlie’s house into Walden’s (DVD 2). Anybody interested in TV in general will learn a lot watching this feature. There ‘s also a good gag reel and a feature on the reboot.


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