Wainy Days
David Wain, Others.
32 webisodes 1 DVD
Produced 2007-10
Vivendi Entertainment 2012
170 minutes

Wainy Days Seasons 1 to 4 features 32 five-minute webisodes on 1 DVD. If you like low budget indie comedies where most of the actors are friends of the money man behind the project and / or only show up only in projects involving another of the actors, you might enjoy this strange show. The YouTube clip included here is a good representation of what you get in Wainy Days.

This is the story of a single nerd named David who usually walks around New York City talking to himself and pretending he is on a talk show. Each episode has him meet a woman and do something, little of which makes sense or connects to reality.

Wainy Days is a hit or miss comedy. This even with some pretty good guest spots by Michael Ian Black, Andrea Rosen (in season 1 episode 6, one of the better ones) and Jonah Hill in a couple of shows. Most shows have a one-joke premise and sometimes, such as in the sperm bank episode, five minutes is too long for that one joke.

There is the occasional episode that rises above the fray. One is David and the Manilow where Wain buys Manilow tickets and ends up in a giant’s butt hole

It is always polite to say “this is an acquired taste”.

Bonus features include commentary track, Outtakes, Garfunkel and Oates singing David Wain is Sexy, a live show, and other oddities.

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