A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
John Choi, Kal Penn
Theatrical and Extended Versions
Warner Home Entertainment 2012

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is funny right from the start and does not let up. Many stoner comedies are a one-premise movie that sucks the life out of a thin blunt. Harold & Kumar keeps you giggling as if you were on the finest BC Gold or Toledo Window Box. This Christmas comedy is of course about a quest for the impossible –a 12-foot Scotch pine—and for redemption, in this case Harold and Kumar’s friendship. The movie was filmed for 3D release and those gags are excellent even if you only have high definition TV.

Harold and Kumar have been estranged for some time. Harold is happily married to Maria. Kumar is single after Vanessa left him. Harold wants to have the prefect Christmas so he can finally be accepted by Maria’s family, especially the patriarch (the always menacing Danny Trejo). This eventually leads to the buddies teaming up to find the perfect Christmas tree and having it in Harold’s home before his in-laws return from midnight mass.

This is of course the set-up for a series of comic adventures that include the virgin daughter of a Russian mob boss, his hit men, a great claymation moment with a nod to Ghostbusters’ Stay Puff, a musical number starring NPH (Neil Patrick Harris), an adult nod to A Christmas Story with Peter Billingsley, Santa and his sleigh, and reference to Tiny Tim near the end of the movie.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is a Christmas comedy that is going to be this generation’s classic.

Special features include deleted scenes, featurettes with Tom Lennon, and a short on the claymation bit.


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