Workaholics Season 6
10 episodes on 2 DVD
Comedy Central 2016

The first two episodes of Comedy Central’s Workaholics Season 6 feature a who’s who of horrible comics: Andy Dick, Pauly Shore, and Dane Cook. The fact this sitcom about three slackers working a call center can rise above these guest says a lot about the show. Workaholics is one of those shows you either get or don’t. I do.

Workaholics has not changed much since season 1 episode 1. Anders, Blake, and Adam are thirty-somethings who are content working just hard enough or even less as long as they can spend their time goofing around and getting stoned.

What makes this sitcom work are the situations. The season opens with the boys being transferred to the highest producing TelAmericaCorp branch which is headed by a high intensity, high motivation boss played Dane Cook. Perks for top performers include strippers and sushi served on a naked woman or man. Of course, something is bound to go wrong though this time and for a change it is not the guys who sabotage themselves

The writing is also very good. A favorite is this exchange: “I’ll have a bottle of your best red wine.” “How ’bout a cab?” “No, thanks, I came here in my own car. I’ll just have the wine.” This is from episode 3 which features the best kitchen fight – plate throwing scene ever.

However, there are a couple of lesser episodes. Night at the Dudeseum where the guys spend Ders Day at a museum and steal a peace pipe is a single joke spread over twenty minutes. The same can be said about the last episode where the guys try to get their hands on a rare porn tape.

Workaholics Season 6 features a fifteen-minute blooper reel and deleted scenes.  Check out our review for Workaholics 4