Workaholics  Season 3
Adam DeMamp, Blake Henderson, Aders Holmvik
20 Episodes
2 Blu-ray or 3 DVD
Comedy Central 2013

Lowbrow fratboy sitcoms like Comedy Central’s Workaholics are a matter of taste or of enjoying the lack of. As these things go, this show is excellent. In fact even those not partial to this kind of humor will find this series hard to resist in small doses. Season 3 features 20 episodes on two Bluy-ray discs or 3 DVD and present of ongoing adventures of office drones, drunks, slackers, stoners, idiots, juveniles Adam (Adam DeMamp), Blake (Blake Henderson), and Anders (Anders Holmvik). I find it interesting that though the shows are unbleeped, the producers still feel the need to mask any nudity.

Episodes in Workaholics Season Three include The Business Trip where Anders wants to prove himself  to TelAmericorp office manager Alice by helping her land a big client that got away from her. Meeanwhile, Adam and Blake decide to join as uninvited guests so as not to spoil their planned group acid trip. Another, Good Mourning, has the boys decorate and teabag a sleeping cowworker before finding out she is dead and then using her death to throw a party for a couple of Anders’ Swedish pen pal and her friend.

For fans of the show Flashback in the Day (DVD 1) is the episode about how the guys met. It is kind of cool but not the best.

The best overall of Workaholics Season 3 is “A TelAmerican Horror Story”, the Halloween episode with guest star Freddy Krueger / Robert Englund. There are quite a few nods to recent horror movies but I missed most of those.

The one thing I dislike about this sitcom 2 DVD / Blu-ray set is there is no episode list or synopsis provided. This makes it hard to remember where your favorite episodes are.

Special features for Workaholics Season 3 are a 9-minute blooper reel, 3 Other Cubicle episodes (3 minutes) featuring secondary characters in the show, drunkumentary for all episodes, and a music video with Erik Griffin.

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