Simone Bailly, Mark Wynn, Jy Harris
Written and Directed by Thomas Newman
MVD Visual 2012

Bong of the Dead is a fun stoners vs. a few zombies comedy DVD. I am more a zombie than a stoner fan but this zombedy will please either fan base and anybody looking for a good time. Being a $5000 indie film Bong of the Dead has all of the low budget weaknesses such as uneven film stock, uneven at best acting, uneven you-name-it, but it really does not matter as this comedy is so much fun the many flaws become part of the joke.

Space rock stuff crashes in some old guy’s garden. He tastes the goo and turns into a zombie. He is the first of many. Some time later a stoner named Tommy discovers zombie brains make pot grow instantly and potently. He and his bud-dy Ed go hunting for more fertilizers in the zombie infested area.

There they have a bunch of comic adventures involving a wannabe zombie warlord and his two and a half followers, and a chick mechanic with a shotgun.

The story stalls for a while until the grand finale with the zombie slaughter. There are a couple of bare breasts and something very original involved.

Very special kudos to Vince Laxton as the old guy. It is his performance in the beginning of Bong of the Dead that sells the audience on the rest of the movie.

Is it just me who thinks the first scene in this movie is an undead nod to the National Film Board of Canada short film tradition?

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