Bill Engvall
Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography
Warner Brothers 2002

Bill Engvall is perhaps more famous as one of the four funny stand up comics on Blue Collar Comedy Tour, for his participation on Blue Collar TV, and his association with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill White.

He is, however, an established, solid, reliable, and very funny joke teller and his comedy CDs, (aside from his Christmas song release and Here’s Your Sign: Reloaded) are very funny. Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography is a misnomer for this stand-up comedy CD. The only reason I can see for such a title is the last track which is the now obligatory and supposedly funny song many stand up comics, Bill Engvall included, feel they must include if they are going to get airplay.

Bill: Keep your night job and stay out of the recording studio if they send musicians in with you. Cheap Drunk aside, this disc contains 13 funny tracks (it  lists 15 but only because another annoying trend in the comedy world is to have a track titled Introduction where all you get as comedy is “Here’s so and so!”

The real tracks on this CD are real comedy: funny stories and funny jokes by a solid stand up comic. You get your usual relationship jokes and men are different from women jokes on tracks like Freshness Emergency and After Twenty Years Of Marriage.

What is different on Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography by Bill Engvall is tracks like Driver’s Ed and Old Fashioned where you get a funny story and funny jokes about a father dealing with his teenage daughter (may God protect this man’s future son-in-law) and tracks like Grading Your Biological Output ( a track similar to something by Jeff Foxworthy about going to a parent-teacher meeting) and the only “poo-poo” skit I have ever liked: Every Public Restroom In America.

There are also funny stories and funny jokes about taking your family on vacation, animal shows, and so on.

Even when the material Bill Engvall covers on Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography is not groundbreaking it is funny.


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