Bill Engvall
Here’s Your Sigh
Warner Brothers

Here’s Your Sign is the first comedy cd released by Bill Engvall. Here’s your sign has also become his trademark funny line in his stand-up routine. Listening to this funny CD makes it clear why Bill Engvall is so popular and why he has had so much success in and out of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (with Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, and Jeff Foxworthy) and Blue Collar TV.

On this first stand-up comedy CD, as on the other discs Bill Engvall has released, Now That’s Awesome, Dorkfish, and Autobiography of a Cheap Drunk, Engvall does not stray far from the standard funny jokes and funny stories about being a baffled male and baffled father in a female world.

There are a lot of similarities between Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy. Both comics make funny jokes about their relatives, children, going to the fair, and stupid people. This does not mean that Bill Engvall is not an original talent on his own. Bill Engvall is perhaps a bit meaner and less forgiving than Foxworthy.

Dorkfish is Bill Engvall’s second stand-up comedy CD and it is as good as his first one. Again, Bill Engvall tells funny stories and funny jokes about his family and children but on this second cd he is also telling funny stories about his vacations, something he continues to do on his later comedy cds.

It is interesting, when comparing Here’s Your Sign and Dorkfish to see the evolution in Engvall’s funny humor. His kids are growing up and so is he but that does not mean he is better at understanding the baffling world around him.

It is on Dorkfish that Engvall does his first song, Here’s Your Sign Christmas and I’m a Cowboy. Both these little ditties are clear attempts at getting commercial radio airplay. More power to him but he should stick to his day job


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