What’s That Clickin’ Noise? Probably your dentures hitting the floor from laughing so hard. If you are younger, you’ll have to figure out the source for yourself. This stand-up comedy CD by good ol’ boy, almost redneck, and Tennessee born Korean American comic Henry Cho is a lot of fun, original, and intelligent.

Cho’s stand-up comedy covers the usual ground of jokes about growing up, relationships and marriage, and observational comedy but it is different and segues beautifully.

Cho’s first task on What’s That Clickin’ Noise is to address the fact he is a Korean American stand-up comic so the audience can quickly move on from there. This gives him some very different takes on growing up and playing army. Cho is intelligent enough not to belabor the point so he quickly moves on to common ground such as a snow emergency in Tennessee, the holidays and the fact he is still not sitting at the big table and sports.

What I really like about this stand-up comedy CD is Cho can surprise you with a rather biting joke, such as at the end of a nice safe routine about surfing and sharks.

If you are a veteran comedy fan you will enjoy Henry Cho just that much more. Cho has a talent for the subtle and smoothly placed recall. Everybody likes relationship jokes and stand-up material about being married.

This stand-up comedian has quite a lot of such material (a little less than half this stand-up comedy CD covers that ground).  Cho is able to mine new laughs out of that comedy staple.

For those who care about such things, What’s That Clickin’ Noise is a clean stand-up comedy CD. The sound here is a bit uneven so you might have to adjust the volume a couple of times though it is not enough of an issue to mar an otherwise great comedic experience.

Henry Cho What’s That Clickin’ Noise is a really solid stand-up comedy CD.

Henry Cho
What s That Clickin Noise?
Stand-up Comedy CD
Warner Bros. Nashville / Jack Records 2006
47 minutes


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