I’ll tell you what. The new Larry the Cable Guystand-up comedy  CD Tailgate Party is excellent.

That’s right! Many, especially those in the comedy business, like to dis the Cable Guy as lowbrow humor and the audience as hicks. Few of them give shows in front of 50,000 people in one shot and git it done. They are as jealous as a Fox newscaster at a journalism awards show. Tailgate Party is an excellent stand-up comedy CD and contains only one git er done. It is sure to please fans of Blue Collar Comedy and I don’t care what you say that’s funny right there.

There is a lot to like on this stand-up comedy CD. Larry the Cable Guy opens strong with a friendly dig at his audience: 50,000 people, now would be a good time to go to Wal-Mart. The rest of the show is a series of very short bits and one liners that keep the audience laughing for the whole show.

Tailgate Party is clean comedy but adult oriented: prostate exam, nutsacks hanging on the floor, and stuff like that. This Blue Collar Comedy alum covers a lot of ground in this show. Some of the material is standard fare topic wise, such as TV shows and commercials, but Larry brings an original and, yes, smart, take on the topic.

Larry The Cable Guy is also topical with short routines about poisoned stuff from China, the economy, global warming, and so on. The very best bit, and one of the longest, is the stand-up routine on how pickup trucks are marketed to drunks.

My favorite line on this comedy CD is about making love to a cougar who was so old she was a leopard: she had liver spots.

Larry the Cable Guy Tailgate Party is either the best or one of the top two Larry The Cable Guy CDs.

The embedded video here features the comedian listing his top ten favorite comics. If you know your comedy you can see the influences.

Tailgate Party
Larry The Cable Guy
Stand-up Comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2009
53 minutes

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