Those familiar with comic Ron White only because of his appearances as part of Blue Collar Comedy might be a bit put off by the language and adult references on A Little Unprofessional, his 2014 Grammy nominated comedy CD.

If this does not bother you, you are going to enjoy this performance. There are a few moments on this recording that suggest it probably works better as a DVD (available at Amazon)

This is very biographical material in an overall solid show. There are a couple of particularly brilliant moments. One is Library / Steal Music about where knowledge now and then. It really suggests White could push himself harder and come up with some truly classic bits if he wished to. Then again, he is doing very nicely for himself as is so what do I know.

The show closes with a long routine, the Dr. Phil Story, where Ron White talks about his friendship with Dr. Phil and reveals that his drinking does get out of control. It is a very good story with just the right dose of pathos.

This is good stuff.
A Little Unprofessional
Ron White
Comedy MP3 Album
Image Entertainment 2013


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