I would love to see the reaction of someone who picked up Bob Saget’s stand-upĀ  comedy album That’s What I’m Tallking About expecting Family Matters type stand-up.

Saget is an old fashion insult and very adult material comic. I am not a big Saget fan and find him rather uneven but if you like this type of material this CD is pretty good.

I appreciate adult, raunchy comedy but unlike comics like Don Tjernagel or Jim Norton, Saget has little to say in his material. It is funny but basically empty.

I have to admit though Saget is excellent at riffing with the audience and is very, very quick on his feet. These tracks are the strongest on this comedy CD.

The last five tracks on That’s What I’m Talking About have Bob Saget doing his songs. These too are pretty good.

That’s What I’m Talking About
Bob Saget
Stand-up comedy CD
New Wave Dynamics 2013

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