Jeff Foxworthy
Big Funny
Dreamworks Nashville

Jeff Foxworthy, revered leader of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (featuring Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, and Bill Engvall) and genial star of Blue Collar TV is at his best on this very funny comedy CD.

Unlike  Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered, Big Funny is funny and the sound quality is beyond reproach. On Big Funny, Jeff Foxworthy tells his usual funny stories about his wife and kids, throws in his always popular and funny jokes about rednecks (track three, I’d Thought I’d Heard Every Redneck Thing is a very funny story of how people come up to Foxworthy to tell him their own redneck jokes and redneck stories).

Listening to Big Funny makes it clear why Jeff Foxworthy is the top-selling stand-up comedian of all time (yes, even more than the great Bill Cosby or George Carlin). He is very personable and while he usually tells clean jokes and funny jokes, more often than not the joke is on him and his relatives and not on the audience.

This makes it easy to go along for the ride through redneck country. Foxworthy never strays far from his usual material about his wife and daughters and funny stories of how he has to cope being a man in a world of women. It works, it is funny, why fix it.

What also makes this album interesting for fans of Jeff Foxworthy is you can actually listen to his kids grow up from album to album and listen to Jeff Foxworthy slowly lose it from album to album.

An early Jeff Foxworthy album featured a track about Little Mermaid underwear but now he is baffled when he finds a g-string in the laundry and learns it does not belong to his wife.

Unfortunately, on Big Funny as on other of his very funny comedy cds, Jeff Foxworthy insists on singing a song or two. I understand this gets played on country and western radio and some people might enjoy it, but I just find it annoying.

To me, listening to Jeff Foxworthy sing is the same thing as listening to Clint Black tell a joke: not that interesting.

Jeff Foxworthy
Big Funny
Track Listing:

1- Introduction
2- Seeing Things on the Road
3- I’d Thought I’d Heard Every Redneck Thing
4- Telephones in the Bathroom
5- Jeff Gordon Enunciates
6- Speaking of Words
7- The Way I Grew Up
8- My Wife’s Family
9- House Full of Girls
10- It’s a Different World
11- I Don’t Need to Know That
12- You Are Being Trained
13- Women Want to Talk
14- Thanks Y’All – Encore
15- Blue Collar Dollar


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