Jeff Foxworthy
Games Rednecks Play
Warner Brothers

Jeff Foxworthy needs no introduction. He has sold more stand-up comedy CDs than anyone in history. He is the host of the pretty funny Blue Collar TV, he is, along with Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, and Ron White, one of the four funny guys on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Games Rednecks Play, released in 1995, is your typical (I would have said reliable but Jeff Foxworthy’s 2004 comedy CD Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered is way below par for him and the truly funny joke is probably on the customer) Foxworthy Blue Collar Redneck CD. On his 2004 release, nary a redneck joke but on Games Rednecks Play, it’s all there, redneck jokes and all.

Why labels must label the first track on a stand-up comedy CD Introduction and actually make a track out of applause insert name of comic here applause is beyond me. Fortunately, the rest of the CD is much more funny. Victoria’s Secret is a funny routine about exactly that.

Games Rednecks play says it all. Southern Accent is a more interesting track and is a series of very funny “what if” jokes about various professionals having a southern redneck accent and how such an accent takes credibility away even if you are a great surgeon.

Nasa & Alabama & Fishing Shows is about the ironic presence of a nerd kingdom like Nasa in a place like Alabama while fishing shows is a behind the scenes, what really happens on those tv fishing shows where the celebrity guest has to catch and release. Clampetts Go To Maui is the really funny track on Games Rednecks Play and is the funny story of the Foxworthy clan going to Hawaii.

The closing tracks on Games Rednecks Play, a funny comedy CD by Jeff Foxworthy, are Out of the Gene Pool, about him getting the big operation (vasectomy), Seek and Destroy about getting older (” One day you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, next you are at Sears looking at Sansabelt slacks) and the good old days of mooning people in other cars, and Don’t Drink and Drive about how stupid people used to be before drinking and driving became the most stupid thing anyone could do.

Of course, the last comedy track on this CD is Jeff Foxworthy signature funny joke “You might be a redneck.” Oh, yeah, there’s a song at the end so country western radio stations will play Foxworthy and he’ll get royalties. Pass.


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