Jeff Foxworthy
Have Your Loved ONes Spayed or Neutered
Warner Brothers 2004

Jeff Foxworthy, current world champion in terms of comedy CD sales and comedy popularity has a new stand-up comedy CD out: Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered. Is it good? It’s hard to tell.

The sound quality is so atrocious that it is hard to concentrate on the material and be amused by it. In Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered, Jeff Foxworthy explores his usual comic world of family, daily grinds, safe topics like tv and airports. Jeff Foxworthy has always been a safe middle-of-the-road comic and has no intention to change that.

The only difference between this new comedy cd and his past offerings is that there are few if any redneck jokes.

I have a redneck joke for Jeff Foxworthy: If you record a comedy CD using two tin cans and a bit of string, you might be a redneck. This is exactly what was done for Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered, it was either recorded using two tin cans and a bit of string or recorded by the assistant to the trainee engineer. On the same track and from track to track the volume jumps from way too low so you can’t hear anything (was Foxworthy performing in the hall down the street?) or way too loud and you think you are sitting next to the speakers at a heavy metal concert for the hard of hearing.

There are only two reasons you would buy Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered: You are a Jeff Foxworthy fan (I am) and want to own the moment in history where Foxworthy blew off his fan base, or you own a few CD editing and remixing programs and have a few minutes to waste copying this lousy sounding comedy CD and remixing it correctly.

I mean, if it took me only a few minutes to fix the audio problems on my antique computer, what were the people at Warner Brothers and Jeff Fxoworthy thinking?

Once you get over being annoyed at how atrocious the sound is on this comedy cd –it took me a week and a few listens– you realize that Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered is a pretty decent Jeff Foxworthy offering. The title track, “Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered” is the continuing adventures of the Foxworthy clan (that includes his children) and their ongoing effort to drive Foxworthy nuts. Track two, “Airport Security and Rental Cars” is standard comedy fare although you will definitely no want to buy a used rental car after listening to this track. Tracks three and six, “TV And Its Side Effects” and “Grocery Stores” are, again, standard comedy stuff, nothing earth shattering but still pleasant to listen to and original only because Foxworthy is an interesting guy.

Tracks four and five, “Oreo Generation” and “I’m Next In Line” are Jeff Foxworthy’s musings on getting older and understand less and less. It is good, funny comedy and funny jokes. Track seven, “Courtesy Sniffs” is another take on the differences between men and women and is quite interesting. Larry the Cable Guy makes a guest appearance on the closing track, “I Believe” singing a funny song with Foxworthy.

The problem with being an established comic is that your next comedy CD has to be as good if not better than your last effort. Had Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered been an early Jeff Foxworthy release, it might have been considered brilliant (although deeply flawed sound wise), but Foxworthy has his own reputation to live up to and this makes Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered a neutered CD.

The really interesting thing about this new comedy CD is it answers the question as to whether comedians listen to their CDs after they are recorded or before or after they are released.

The horrible sound quality on Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered answers that question: NO. Because if the answer is yes, well then, Jeff Foxworthy is not as nice a guy as he would want us all to believe.

Track List:
1- Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered
2- Airport Security and Rental Cars
3- TV And Its Side Effects
4- Oreo Generation
5- I’m Next In Line
6- Grocery Stores
7- Courtesy Sniffs
8- I Believe (with Larry the Cable Guy)


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