Bill Engvall
Now That’s Awesome
BNA Entertainment 2000

Bill Engvall, perhaps best known for his association with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (with Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and Ron White) and Blue Collar TV has a hit with hit stand-up comedy CD Now That’s Awesome although I wouldn’t say now, that’s awesome.

This is the third comedy CD released by Bill Engvall and continues a tried and true recipe also used by the lead of the Blue Collar comics, Jeff Foxworthy.

No insult to Bill Engvall but it is hard to differentiate between what is Bill Engvall funny jokes and funny stories and what is Jeff Foxworthy funny jokes and funny stories. The only real difference in terms of material is Jeff Foxworthy has his ” You might be a redneck ” bits and Bill Engvall has his “Here’s your sign ” bits.

Bill Engvall mines the comedy rich territory of husband and wife and kids jokes as well as jokes about modern society and jokes about weird fashions and funny trends. It is not particularly original material except that Bill Engvall knows how to tell a funny joke and he is quite personable.

Like many other comics, Engvall also has a couple of airline and airport jokes on Now That’s Awesome. It will be hard for anyone who has listened to this CD not to see the Smoker’s Aquarium he so well describes at the airport.

Unfortunately, and this is probably a concession to country radio and making a few bucks with airplay, Engvall also has a couple of funny songs at the end of his standup comedy CD. They are not particularly memorable and, well, you can always stop the CD when you get to them.

Overall, Now, That’s Awesome by Bill Engvall is a pretty good comedy CD. Not brilliant mind you but pretty good. Another good thing about this cd is most family members can listen to it so it is perfect to break up the monotony of a long drive somewhere if you can’t afford to have a dvd player in your gas-guzzling minivan.

Track List:
1- Introduction
2- The 90’s
3- Bar Scene in California
4- Now That’s Awesome
5- The Dog Had to be Trained
6- Pound Puppies
7- Smoker Aquarium
8- Pads
9- When Did Shrapnel Become a Fashion Accessory?
10- Too Much Information (Cause I’m the Dad)
11- White Trash Road Race
12- A Snake in the Toilet
13- Surfing Lesson
14- People Amaze Me ( Here’s Your Sign )
15- Now That’s Awesome (song)
16- Shoulda Shut Up (song)


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