Morning Constitutions
Larry the Cable Guy
Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records 2007
66 minutes

I am not a big fan of Blue Collar Comedy Tour famed Larry the Cable Guy but Morning Constitutions is a solid stand-up comedy DVD or CD. It shows this comic can surprise his audience with some really smart material. I’ve often believed Larry the Cable Guy too often went for easy jokes where the humor was based on his stage character and lowest common denominator than actual writing skills but Morning Constitutions shows this redneck stand-up comic can really put together some solid, original material when he puts his mind to it.

Yes, Larry The Cable Guy still goes for easy poop jokes and does so right off the bat in his comedy CD or DVD Morning Constitution, a show filmed in Minneapolis, but he quickly makes up for such easy humor and the redneck stuff with a very good, original slam on country music and Botox legend Kenny Rogers. His similes, his forte on Lord I apologize and a weak point on The Right to Bare Arms, are once again solid, original, and eminently quotable.

Larry is not the only stand-up comic to jump on the retard joke bandwagon, the latest trend in stand-up, but his routine on the topic is quite good and has some really fresh lines. Also very original is take on home pregnancy test: “I ain’t saying it was blue but … it was singing B.B. King tunes.” This makes up for his ordinary wife and childbirth jokes. His child rearing material also makes up for those, especially his short routine on playing music to get a brighter kid.

You’d think there could not be any funny and original Viagra material left but Larry proves it can still be done. I especially liked the Hugh Hefner set up for those. Same goes for his Wal Mart material.

Larry the Cable Guy is a short routine, quick punchline stand-up comic which makes for a rollercoaster experience comedy wise. Here it really works though I wish he would try for a longer story, something he almost does with his grandmother routine. His newest stand-up comedy DVD or CD Morning Constitutions more than proves he could do it if he set his mind to it. This would be a good way to get rid of the many poop jokes and including a four minute bit on the topic that kind of take away from how intelligent this comic can be.

Not that I want the Cable Guy to become an erudite comic, that ain’t his style, but his routine on his armless girlfriend shows he can be who he is and still do some very smart and original but still earthy┬ámaterial.

There is no doubt in my mind fans of Blue Collar Comedy and Larry the Cable Guy will enjoy Morning Constitutions. I also do no doubt more casual fans of this stand-up comic will appreciate this particular stand-up comedy DVD or CD: the smart, well-written material more than makes up for the many facile and poop jokes here.


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