Larry The Cable Guy
Lord I Apologize
Hip-O Records

Larry the Cable Guy came out of nowhere and quickly established himself as a hot comic to discover, or so it would seem to many. Larry the Cable Guy is, for most people, associated to Jeff Foxworthy and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Larry the Cable Guy presents himself as a redneck who tells stories about his family and relatives. His first stand-up comedy CD, Lord, I Apologize, is definitely something you will want to get if you like funny jokes and funny stories about everyday life and people.

Larry the Cable Guy is a prime example of the theory that you do not have to be totally original or different in your material to be a funny comic, all you need is a strong character, a strong persona and the material that goes with this funny character. Funny stories and funny gags about everyday people and events are the bread and butter of comedy and stand up comedy and Larry the Cable Guy understands this in spades. Most of his jokes on this stand-up comedy CD are clean jokes, none of his jokes are for adults only. Larry the Cable Gujy comes across, like Jeff Foxworthy or Bill Engvall –both on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour– as a simple guy baffled by life’s daily challenges.

Lord, I Apologize, Larry the Cable Guy’s first comedy CD, is a winner because it is easy to listen to. Nothing is offensive, a lot of the stuff has a different take on daily trials and tribulations from what other funny comics have, the jokes are funny, the stories and characters are varied, and Larry the Cable Guy comes across as a very likeable guy. Also, and most important, believe it or not, the sound quality of the cd is excellent. Too often, record labels treat comedy cds as garbage and you would swear they send the engineer trainee to do the recording and mixing (think here of Jeff Foxworthy’s newest cd Have Your Loved Ones Spayed or Neutered) so you get lousy sound quality, the sound level coming from the mike is either TOOOOOO LOUD or barely audible (Jeff Foxworthy’s latest comedy CD again) or the comic was talking with the mike in his mouth and you hears a lot of pops (Chris Rock’s Bigger and Blacker is a prime example of that). Fortunately, Larry the Cable Guy’s CD was not recorded by some redneck with a string and a tin can. Lord, I Apologize, Larry the Cable Guy’s first is a quality product by a quality comic.

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