Larry the Cable Guy
The Right To Bare Arms
Warner Brothers 2005
Parental Advisory

Larry the Cable Guy just doesn’t git-r-done on The Right to Bare Arms, the follow-up comedy CD to Lord, I Apologize. It begins downhill with bad jokes about gay bars, takes a sharp jump off a cliff with, “What the hell? … Those are my shadows behind me. Scared me! Thought it was a couple of black guys were sneaking up behind me. … That scared the hell out of me!” Normally, this reviewer doesn’t quote material from a funny CD since a comic’s material is his alone but hey, who would want to steal that line? This is more white sheet comic tour than Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Although Larry the Cable Guy can still turn a mean simile (pun intended) such as “makes me madder than a one-legged prostitute trying to do a table hop” you get the feeling he’s basically applying the recipe that has made his stand up humor successful without really working on the material itself.

When he used to say “That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.” to rim shot a joke, now you get the feeling he’ s saying it to punch up some weak jokes. He even acknowledges this when, ten minutes into his act he says “Anybody speak English out there? Feels like I am the United Nations and nobody’s got their headphones on.”

There are some original and funny moments on The Right to Bare Arms, such as the concept of Hooter Airlines, the very short Hank Williams jr. High School, and a few one-liners here and there but unlike Lord, I Apologize, there is very little structure to this comedian’s set or jokes on this no quite comedy CD and some of the material feels rushed and written for instead of original and ready for prime time.

Track list:
Midgets and Gay Bars
Las Vegas
Hank Williams Jr. High School
Hooters and Hooters Airlines
Dodge Trucks, Retards, and Stinkbait
The Right to Bare Arms
Family in Sanford
Faith Healers and Weight Problems
Romance and Imported Rubbers
Throwed Outta Penney’s
Shavin’, Waxin’, Primpin’ and Shootin’ Quail
News Items
Song For a Friend
Toddler Mail

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