You can make up your own mind about The Importance of Being Russell.

Between May 5th and June 30th 2008 you will be able to watch this redneck comedy with a science fiction turn for free, absolutely free at  and cast your vote as to its fate in the Tribecca Cinemas in July

I am not going to vote.

This is unfortunate as this low-budget independent comedy has better acting and production values than most and fewer of the usual indie movie flaws.

The Importance of Being Russell takes too long to really get going and though some of the gags and scenes are pretty funny you really start wishing for the main story to pick up a semblance of speed.

Early on it is clear that Russell (John Pickle) is a genuine redneck and wannabe inventor who lives, of course, in a trailer with wife Sissy. The bane of his existence is a company called Cranium Concepts which manufactures and infomercials all the inventions Russell almost came up with.

The movie hints a very little as to some nefarious alienish plan for which Russell is building a time machine phone during his sleeping hours.

Eventually, or at minute 42, Russell, pal Harlon, and new character out of nowhere Jamon the cop set off for Big City followed by Sissy and her friend Gigi. This is when The Importance of Being Russell starts moving.

It then stalls again with a seven-minute or so war flashback. Don’t ask me, I have no clue as to why.

Then you get the meeting between Russell and his pals with the aliens. Then you get other stuff until the final confrontation that then fizzles out in an interrogation room.

There are original gags and scenes here but it would have been nice to have a more focused story that got going much earlier on.

The Importance Of Being Russell – An Adventure of Redneck Proportions
John Pickle, Wade Long, Jenny Lynn
Directed by Sean Plemmons
Independent Comedy
99 minutes

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