Ron White
They CallMe Tater Salad
Image Entertainment
56 minutes
Mature Language

Ron White has been a staple of Mid-west comedy clubs for many years. It is no surprise then that he chose to record his in live concert stand-up comedy DVD They Call Me Tater Salad in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Most people know Ron White because of his association with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy, and some of the comedy on this DVD can also be found on the Blue Collar Comedy DVD.

A lot of the funny stories on the They Call Me Tater Salad DVD by Ron White is the same as the funny jokes on his stand-up comedy CD Drunk In Public (tracks such as Sunglasses, Hurricane George, Cousin Ray, Married a Wealthy Woman, and so on. A guesstimate would be that more than half of Drunk In Public is also on Tater Salad. So, why bother? Because some of the material is different and the feel of a comedy DVD is very different from that of a comedy cd. The funny story Coupons At The Fair, his Anecdote vs Antidote, and Bronco Ride Sex are very funny skits.

There is something very Dean Martin like in Ron White. Martin liked to play the drunk and so does White. Is it real scotch in the glass or is it just a prop? Who knows, but I would not be surprised if the scotch was a nod to the Deanner. Few comedy DVDs have interesting extras but They Call Me Tater Salad has as a bonus track a very relaxed interview with Ron White. His story of how he got started, trying his luck the night Jeff Foxworthy was headliner, opening for Sam Kinison, and the many years of work that have gone into getting him where he is should be seen as serious career advice for many young comics who believe comedy is a road to riches.


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