Blue Collar Comedy One For The Road
Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy
Bill Engvall, Ron White
2 comedy CDs
Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records 2006
CD 1 79 minutes, CD 2 40 minutes

Blue Collar Comedy Tour One For The Road definitely puts the redneck comics back on track comedy wise after a few weak releases such as Larry The Cable Guy’s second comedy CD and a couple of their individual comedy DVDs. This 2 stand-up comedy CD set features, for those who have been living on another planet, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, and Ron White.

The Blue Collar Comedy comics are in fine form in this show recorded in Washington DC. All of the material on Blue Collar Comedy Tour One For The Road, billed as the final installment, is new and in the case Bill Engvall and especially Larry the Cable Guy a little more risqué than the usual stuff.

Jeff Foxworthy does not do a single you might be a redneck joke here but he uses the redneck joke structure in his redneck fashion tips material that is a nice departure for the head honcho of the Blue Collar Comedy group.

Bill Engvall opens the show with some autobiographical and relationship jokes. He then moves on to a bit about flying, getting a massage (the somewhat risqué bit) before closing with shopping and a few jokes about boarding his jokes. Nary a here’s your sign joke here.

Ron White is stronger on this Blue Collar comedy CD than he has been on a past few. He opens with a political joke that definitely shows even rednecks are not that much behind Bush anymore. A lot of his material on this stand-up comedy CD comes from his experience doing shows in various casinos around the country. He closes with another current event related joke.

Jeff Foxworthy is up next on Blue Collar Comedy Tour One For The Road. He is as strong as ever, obviously trying some new kind of material before risking similar stuff on his own future release. My guess is he is going to rephrase his Redneck Fashion Tips in the near future as it does not really roll of the tongue. He does a few redneck dictionary jokes but otherwise this is all new sort comedic material for Foxworthy.

Larry the Cable Guy closes the show in an effort strong enough to make you forget The Right To Bare Arms, his lousy second comedy CD. He definitely pushes the envelope considering Blue Collar Comedy has always been very clean stuff. There’s nothing dirty here but it does go beyond risqué a couple of times.

The second comedy CD in Blue Collar Comedy One For The Road is definitely a bonus disc type of thing.  Engvall, White, Cable Guy, and Foxworthy come back on stage to do a few one liner jokes that are just jokes and not Blue Collar type material. Much less interesting is the Embarrassing Photos bit. This is probably very funny on DVD but hearing Foxworthy going whoaaaa at you have no idea what is kind of pointless.

No Blue Collar CD is complete without a tune that can be played on country radio and this is One More For The Road by Jerome McComb.

The weak point in the 2 CD set of Blue Collar Comedy One For The Road is the artwork. The cover looks great. The problem is the insert: using black type on a dark red or dark blue background makes it impossible to read the information without getting a serious headache.

All in all, Blue Collar Comedy One For The Road is a solid stand-up comedy CD that will please any comedy fan, hard-core redneck comedy fan or not.


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