Ahmed Bharoocha’s album is definitely going on our 2016 Top 10 Comedy Album list.

Almond Badoody is a superb, witty, original, hilarious collection of observational and biographical bits by a stand-up comic who really knows how to set up material and tell a joke. You have never heard a comic quite like Bharoocha.

After the standard comic with the unusual name complains about his name being mangled bit, Bharoocha hits them out of the park one after the other. Crows and Cows is simply superb and I challenge anyone to look at a Missing kid picture on a milk carton without a bit of a smirk. Cat lovers will love the bit about his fear of cats and the fact he now lives with three cats and a girlfriend. Those who do not like cats will appreciate the same routine but for a different reason.

Being from an Irish Catholic and Pakistani background, Bharoocha of course has something to say about that. About a quarter of the album centers around that. The best of many good stories is one about his sister locking her keys in her car and their dad ending up stealing a car to help her out. The stoner’s reaction is superb.

Jeff Dunham should be forced to listen to the track on the hypocrisy of ventriloquists.

Another good series of routine, forming another quarter of this comedy download album is based on western religion myths like David being responsible for the disappearance of an entire species. His take on the origin of dinosaurs is not that original but it is funny.

Almond Badoody closes with some relationship material, a bit about Bharoocha being mechanically inept, and a bit on ice in urinals that sounds like very early material used as filler. The latter is an unusual choice as it is a weak closer on an album that clocks in at 60 minutes which is 10 or so minutes above the current norm,

I also could have done without the old standard opening track where comic with the unusual name complaining about his name being mangled. It is a weak intro to a much more interesting show

All in all though Ahmed Bharoocha‘s comedy download album is rock solid. Check out our Comedy Central Records page

Almond Badoody
Ahmed Bharoocha
Stand-up Comedy download album
Comedy Central 2016

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